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e-Mentoring is….
A relationship that is conducted online via a secure, web-based platform.  It shares the goal of face-to-face mentoring: establishing a trusting, nurturing, positive relationship between the mentor and a young person.



e-Mentors are...
Trained college students from Eastern Kentucky University, who interact with middle and high school students through the Kentucky Department of Education’s Virtual School web-based platform (BlackBoard).


e-Mentors provide through purposefully designed curriculum:

· College awareness information

· Career awareness choices and preparation information

· Curriculum topics that provide reinforcement of Kentucky’s required Practical Living/Vocational Studies Core Content

· Positive real-models for college and work success


e-Mentoring offers:

· Capacity to mentor middle and high school students statewide

· Kentucky GEAR UP II students a relationship with a trained and supervised college student (mentee-mentor ratio:  10:1)

· Flexible mentoring option for youth/adults

· Youth opportunities to utilize high-tech communications


School Role:

· Identify “targeted” students for participation

· Determine how and when the mentoring content will be utilized

· Establish guidelines, ground rules, and boundaries to include safety measures

· Participate in teacher and student BlackBoard training

· Provide necessary permissions for internet usage


Role of College Campus:

· Identify mentoring curriculum

· Select mentors

· Provide training for mentors and mentees

· Conduct screening, comprehensive background checks, and
confidentiality training for mentors

· Provide a supervised and controlled electronic platform

· Provide ongoing oversight and support during the mentoring experience

· Implement archive system for online discussions

· Evaluate mentoring process


The e-Mentoring experience will utilize an electronic platform, i.e.
BlackBoard which:

· Requires log-in and password only access for program
participants and supervisors

· Blocks spam

· Blocks inappropriate e-mail

· Allows for review of mentor/mentee discussion and participant usage


Project Sustainability

An online mentor  training course (Virtual Mentoring) has been developed in partnership with the Kentucky Department of Education, Kentucky GEAR UP II, and Eastern Kentucky University.  Contact for information regarding this course availability and cost. 


Special thanks to the Center for Middle School Academic Achievement staff, who provided curriculum planning and guidance, to the partners in the Kentucky Department of Education Virtual Schools for the use of BlackBoard and the advice for implementation in Kentucky public schools, and to the GEAR UP Kentucky II staff across the state for helping make this project a reality. 


Curriculum Writers:

Brenda Owen

Carol Gabbard

Carol Eicher

Paige Young

Susan Young


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